COVID-19 Update

Our shop remains open at this time and we continue to fulfill Jiffy Hitch orders. We will take new orders for as long as we are able to get parts and supplies.

In the event that we must close our shop, we will put new orders on hold and notify customers with open orders of a delay in delivering their order. We are available to be reached by phone at 904-786-2821 or toll-free at 1-800-786-2829, or by email at info@jiffyhitchsystems.com.

We wish you all good health and look forward to being able to connect with our customers in person again soon.


Fast. Safe. Built to Last.

 The Jiffy Hitch System
Now with PTO Connector Option


The Jiffy Hitch System gives you the freedom to quickly switch your implements, now including PTO implements, without leaving your tractor seat or needing another person’s assistance.

Since 1991, we’ve been building durable quick hitches that assist our customers in safely and efficiently switching their implements.

Our customers asked for a quick hitch that worked with their PTO implements and we listened. We’re so pleased to introduce the new Jiffy Hitch System with PTO Connector to our line of products!


The Jiffy Hitch System eliminates:


Getting off and on your tractor to switch implements

With the Jiffy Hitch System, you can save valuable time by not having to get off the tractor every time you need to switch an implement.


Unsafely standing between the tractor and implement

Standing between your tractor and implements poses significant safety risks. Our system keeps you on the tractor and out of harms way.


Needing assistance to hook and unhook implements

The Jiffy Hitch System increases work productivity by eliminating the time spent waiting for someone to help change implements.

in less than a minute!


Our male hitches range in price from $699 to $1,899, females range from $399 to $949, and our top links range from $329 to $482.

To ensure the perfect fit, every customer receives a custom quote based on their needs and the specs of the tractor(s) and implement(s) they use. For your free quote, please fill out the form below with the necessary information. You can also call us at 904-786-2821 or toll-free at 1-800-786-2829.

Dependable Quality. Guaranteed.

We are a small, family owned business so we understand the importance of making your investments count. Every hitch is American made in our shop located in Jacksonville, Florida. We stand by our hitches and guarantee the perfect fit and durable quality.

What our customers are saying:

“I own and operate Johnson’s Backyard Garden, a 200-acre certifies organic vegetable farm in Austin, TX. Since we grow so many different kinds of vegetables, we use over 20 pieces of equipment and change it out daily. We use the Jiffy Hitch System on everything as it allows us to make these equipment changes efficiently and safely. As a diversified vegetable grower, I highly recommend Jiffy Hitch for its ease of use and reliability.”

Brenton Johnson

Johnson’s Backyard Garden

“Jiffy Hitches save time and make a farm safer. We have Jiffy Hitches on 27 implements at Angelic Organics, and on 5 tractors. We can swap 3 point implements in 2 or 3 minutes. We are no longer endangering our employees’ safety in hooking up equipment now that we use Jiffy Hitches.”

John Peterson

Angelic Organics


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